Beard Butter Samples

The price includes one, 1/4 ounce tin.

This beard butter provides long-lasting conditioning. Beard butters in general are becoming extremely popular. The butter does not contain wax and will be fully absorbed into the beard without needing to be washed out.   Beard butter benefits also include:

  • Superior conditioning
  • Eliminate dry skin and chafing
  • Smell great all-day

The Scents:

Black Knight - Complex essential oil blend of lavender, citrus, mixed Berries, sandalwood, and rum spice. This is a cologne-type scent.

Chainmail - A refreshing blend of citrus essential oils.

Dragon - Made from authentic Patchouli essential oil, this scent is difficult to explain but unforgettable. This product combines deep earthy notes, campfire, and a subtle cologne-type scent to truly please the senses.

Holy Grail - Oud Wood is one of the hottest scents right now! This cologne-type of scent is a favorite.

Kings Court - Natural sandalwood, vanilla, and rosemary essential oils.

White Knight - A crisp, casual, and refreshing blend of lemon, sage, and lavender.

Wizard - A wonderful blueberry-thyme scent.

This product is essential to any beard care kit. Sure to get attention from family and friends.

  • Shape and control your beard
  • Eliminate dry skin and chafing
  • Smell great all-day

Ingredients: Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, and fragrances.

8 products

8 products